Travel Plans for 2015


After going to school for 16 years straight I believe it is time to do things the risky way instead of going with the safe choice over and over again. So 2015 will be probably the most exciting year for me so far. I will graduate in June and in order not to explode of excitement and wanderlust, I’ll leave for my adventure already the week after my graduation.

So where to go, what to do?

I like to plan things in advance but the whole point with my trip is to not plan too much and let go and let life show me the point of view of the world I am yet to discover.

However, on my list of places I would love to explore is Ireland, Italy, France, Argentina, Chile and Brazil. I could mention more and more but realizing that from I start to travel till 2015 is over is only 6 months. But I believe a lot more destinations is going to pop up in the future in blog posts.

Do you have somewhere in particular you think I should visit?




I believe everybody who’s in University goes through a period where they doubt their choices and rather or not they should continue what they doing. For me it has been a bit different. I am currently at my 4th semester and I have no desire of continuing after my exam in June. Why? Well, it is pretty simple. My motivation is completely gone and the level of teaching is rather low so I skip a lot of days to do self-study.

Since my 1st semester a lot of people have either dropped out or transferred to other schools so almost two years there haven’t been a dream. However, I have always been highly motivated to become a university student and I would love to earn my PhD at some point but I don’t know if it’s the school that has me doubting my choice of path or a combo of the school and me.

Everyday my mind takes me into a roundabout and keeps re-evaluating my options of continue to study and get my BA or get a job or go travel long term. When considering my options at the moment the only right thing seems to be to travel and get some experience and find myself again.

One day I am sure I’ll continue to study but for now I’ll only finish what I started and then seek new adventures!



Taking a leap of faith …

Last year in June/July a very good friend of mine took a leap of faith, dropped out of school, moved to London to pursue her passion for acting. She told me that I helped encouraging her. Now I am sitting back in Denmark, wishing to do the same.

Although, I have no desire of pursuing an acting career, my passion lies within travelling. I want the freedom to travel the world on my own and get to know myself in a way I never knew possible.

Since I am graduating in June this year and thereby earning my AP degree, I see nothing keeping me in Denmark. Of course I have my family but they all know me and support my decision to travel while I can.

I have no idea of where to go first so I thought I would let you guys help me out :D Below there’s a poll with 6 continents. Vote and comment below which country you think I should start in!!!




Motivation for finally start blogging – AGAIN!!!

I bought this domain over a year ago thinking that I would start blogging on a regular basis, but I never really asked myself why I wanted to blog.

In order for all to understand, I started blogging very early. Even before it became a thing to do so but I always felt that what I wrote wasn’t good enough and ended up deleting everything just to reopen a new blog and the evil circle continues.

Over the past couple of years I have realized that I am never going to please everybody so I might as not even give it a try. Instead, the person worth pleasing is typing this at the moment. Yes, I only got me to worry about and I desire to find out what makes me happy. I’ll try to figure this out while keeping a “journal” as such to gather my thoughts as well as posting other helpful thing for others to figure out their happiness!