Let’s Try This Again …

Skærmbillede 2016-07-17 kl. 15.24.00

I ended up leaving the blogging world for a few years in order to focus on my recovery. After years  of all kinds of problems – mostly mentally – I finally got the time to get to know myself sober again. Now I can finally focus on building the life  I’ve always wanted and do it honestly which makes it so much easier to share – but still a bit difficult.

Writing this first post is quite emotional for me just to give an example. I have no idea if anybody are reading it  but the fact that I can finally open up about the hard times I went through since… – well, since I can remember, I guess, is just an awesome feeling. In a way it’s a relief. Well, let’s just put it like this: It’s a f***king fantastic feeling not having to fake a smile all the time.

When I thought about starting blogging again, I kept thinking that I had to get some cool photos taken so I can upload them to my blog but then I thought ” why do I have to have some staged photos? ” There’s nothing real or honest about that.  So instead I ended up looking through my photos from the last few years to find all the photos I could of me. As you can see I don’t have a lot but I have a tendency to be behind the camera at family gatherings. The photos are raw and honest (Well, some of them have a filter one but that’s it). They show me after seizures with bruises and at the hospital, when I got stupid drunk, fake smiles, weird faces to avoid smiling, really bad haircuts, and last but not least, the center show the result of a person who’s slowly getting her smile back.

Furthermore, I’m also making videos on youtube now. It’s for my Bachelor project but I find it quite interesting to daily vlog and create content so I might keep it up if I have the time after my exams but until February 2017 I’ll be uploading videos. I have 3 channels: A main channel (launching july 31st) , Second channel (also launching July 31st) and a Daily Vlogging channel (Already startede on that one – Hurry in there and watch my everyday life!)

We all have a story. I guess this is mine. Past, present and future. Come and Join the adventure:)